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Loving Messages From Spirit!



I just had a reading with you on 4/8 and you brought out my two dogs who had passed away. I loved hearing from them through you. You gave me information on them that you would not have known. You were spot on with my reading with them, other family members and others who have crossed my path. You also, brought out other things, such as a pitch with fruit and leaves on it among other stuff. I sent you a picture of the pitcher, and that was what you saw in my reading when you described it. I THANK YOU for my reading, you amazed me with the two reading that I have had so far. I will definitely do more in the future. You are a "GEM".

 Love to you and Paul ❤️ Again, Thank you.

Barbara Murphy 4-8-21

Thank You Leisha for your time today- sitting here with tears thankful for all the messages!

Denise H. 11-11-22






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