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Client Testimonials

It's been about a month since my reading with Leisha. So much information given that is still sinking in. Messages about why I resonate with angels and the higher realm; and why it makes so much sense why I am who I am because of it. How dreams can interpret great things. And, as always- thank you for being there for me and sending signs I will always look for... and thank you Leisha for bringing them to me.

Sheila G. 2-28-23

Had a reading with Leisha. Spirit and Leisha always know what I'm goi8ng through and ease my mind that everything will be ok. She told me things that are coming, etc. It is always a breath of fresh air after getting a reading from Spirit and Leisha. Thank you so much! You're an amazing woman inside and out.

Tisha 3/16/23

From a reading a short time ago, you mentioned something like a piece of jewelry or tag with a dog print on it. These were given to me from my vet after Tristan and Dante passed. They wanted to make sure I knew it was them coming through this morning. Here is the validation. Thank you so much. Leisha, again your talent speaks volumes!

Barbara 3-7-23

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